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Polish Oncology

Title: Polish Oncology

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prof. UM dr hab. n. med. Rodryg Ramlau
Assistant editor:
doc. dr hab. n. med. Bożenna Dembowska-Bagińska
Honorary editor:
prof. dr hab. n. med. Anna Płużańska
Managing editor:
dr n. med. Maciej Bryl, dr n. med. Łukasz Spychalski
Editorial committee:

Członkowie / Members

dr hab. n. med. Marek Bębenek (Wrocław)

prof. dr hab. n. med. Sergiusz Nawrocki (Olsztyn)

dr hab. Krystyna Rożek-Piechura (Wrocław)

dr hab. n. med. Janusz Skowronek (Poznań)

dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Szuba (Wrocław)

dr hab. n. med. Zbigniew Śliwiński (Zgorzelec)

dr hab. n. med. marzena Wełnicka-Jaśkiewicz (Gdańsk)


Scientific committee:

Przewodniczacy / Chairman

prof. dr hab. n. med. Danuta Perek

Additional information:

ISSN 1505-6732
e-ISSN 2083-7526

MNiSW: 6 points
IC 2011: 5.41 points

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Official Organ of the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology.
Quarterly journal issued since 1998.

“Polish Oncology” is a peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to contemporary oncology. The journal complies with the interdisciplinary character of the branch and the presented papers concern a wide spectrum of issues (among others oncohematology, surgical oncology, oncology diagnostics and rehabilitation). A distinguishing feature of the journal is its openness to cooperation with researchers representing various fields of medicine. The magazine publishes editorial articles, original works, review articles and case reports as well as patterns of conduct, which constitute an excellent educational material. Moreover, the “Polish Oncology” presents reports from medical conferences, press releases and letters to the editor. The Editorial Board of the journal consists of renowned oncologists.

The journal publishes papers in Polish and English, each article contains a summary in both languages.

“Polish Oncology” is addressed to the scientific community and physicians of different specialties.



Mariola Langowska-Bałys


LANGUAGE EDITOR (in english)

Marek Jastrzębski



Małgorzata Rąpała



dr hab. n. med. Maria Litwiniuk - clinical oncology
prof. dr hab. n. med. Mariusz Wysocki - pediatric oncology and hematology
dr hab. n. med. Piotr Milecki - radiotherapy
dr hab. n. med. Paweł Krawczyk - genetics and immunology
dr hab. n. med., prof nadzw. Jolanta Kujawa - medical rehabilitation