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Title: Evaluation of the risk of diabetes in the offspring of patients with diagnosis of type 2 diabetes

Irena Szykowna, Renata Wąsikowa
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Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
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type 2 diabetes, offspring of patients with diagnosis of type 2 diabetes impaired fasting glycaemia, impaired glucosetolerance

Introduction: There are many commonly known risk factors of type 2 diabetes. One of them is the occurrence of the disease in 1stdegree relatives. The aim of the study was: a) to evaluate the threat of type 2 diabetes in adult children of patients with type 2 diabetes, b) to analyze the frequency of type 2 diabetes and otherdisorders in offspring of parents with type 2 diabetes, c) to detect metabolic disorders beforeclinical manifestation and the development of macro- and microangiopathy, d) to introduce early prevention and treatment in case of disorders, e) to evaluate the influence of sex and age on the metabolic disorders. Material and methods: Included in the study were 197 declared as healthy probands, children from parents with type 2 diabetes, aged 18-71 years, 71 men and 126 women. In 74 of the probands the father has type 2 diabetes, mean age 42 years, in 121 the mother, mean age 43 years. In one case both the father and the mother has diabetes type 2. All the offspring's were dividedin age groups. Group 1:18-44years, group 2 over 44 years and insubgroups depending on sex. All the examined offspring's has had following examinations: BMJ, fasting glycaemia 2 times, OGTT, cholesterol, TG, HDL, LDL insuli-naemia, peptide C, HbA1c, indirect insulin resistance index. Results: Hyperglycemia was ascertained in 37%, including unknown diabetes type 2 in 25% in the group with a diabetic father. In the group with a diabetic mother unknown diabetes type2 was shown in 23%. In the whole group 58% oftheoffspring's wereoverweightorobese, glycaemia disorders existed in 44%, especially in the age group over 44 years. Morethan halfoftheexamined offspring's has an increased level of cholesterol and HbA1c, especially in sons of diabetic fathers, aged over 44 years. The increased level of insulin peptide C, HbA1c, BMI and blood pressure correlated with the age over 44 years and with the male sex. Conclusion: 1. Offspring of parents with type 2 diabetes is a group of high risk for the development of diabetes type 2. 2. Necessary is a complex examination and furthermore a close monitoring of the risk factors for diabetes, in offspring's of parents with type 2 diabetes.