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Title: Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among elderly people in urban population at high cardiovascular risk

Mariusz E. Mianowany, Krystyna Kaczmarczyk-Chałas, Anna Bednarek-Gejo, Włodzimierz Stelmach, Wojciech K. Drygas
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Polish Journal of Cardiology
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metabolic syndrome, elderly people, hypertension, obesity, HDL cholesterol

Introduction: Metabolic syndrome (MS), defined as a cluster of correlative abnormalities such as insulin resi- stance, dyslipidaemia, elevated blood pressure and obesity, is prevalent among adult men and women. However, there is a little evidence on the prevalence of MS and its causations in people over 65. Aim of study: The aim of this study is to assess the prevalence of MS and its components, likewise its complications (CVD and DM) among the elderly residents of Lodź, a Polish city characterized by the highest overall-mortality rate, and very large prevalence and mortality due to CVD. Material and methods: The survey was conducted in 2002 by the WHO-CINDI Programme Polish expert group in order to assess health status and health behaviour of Lodź residents over 65. The subject of the study was a sample of 824 men and women aged over 65, randomly drawn from the general population. Tools: CINDI Ouestionnaire, blood analysis, medical and anthropometric examination. The participants was diagnosed as having MS, being based on the NCEP ATP III criteria. Results:The metabolic syndrome was found in 26.2% of men and 36.3%ofwomen(p<0.01). Most wide spread abnormality among the subjects was elevated blood pressure (in 90%), and abdominal obesity (in 45%). A larger accumulation of the MS components was observed in women (p<0.01), who were morę obese than males, and more often displayed elevated triglycerides level and depressed HDL concentration. lndividuals with MS were considerably more often affected with hypertension, DM (8 times), and myocardial infarction (twice) in women. Conclusions: In an urban population, the metabolic syndrome is diagnosed in every third female and every fourth małe aged over 65. An early diagnosis and accurate treatment of MS, considering medication and lifestyle modification, should constitute a priority in prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases in Poland.