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Title: Estimation of coronary risk among physicians - participants of 5th International Congress of Polish Cardiac Society

Marcin Grabowski, Krzysztof J. Filipiak, Marzena Baranowska, Przemysław Stolarz, Grzegorz Karpiński, Robert Rudowski, Grzegorz Opolski
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Polish Journal of Cardiology
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coronary risk, life style, population of physicians, Framingham Study

Introduction: The prevention of ischemic heart disease (IHD) and the control of risk factors is recommended for both patients and their doctor. Aim: To assess the occurrence of IHD risk factors and to estimate the risk of coronary event (RCE) in next 10 years among physicians (Ph) - participants of 5th International Congress of PCS 2001 in Warsaw. Methods: Ouestionnaire study (age, sex, IHD risk factors, life style), lipid profile assessment, single blood pressure measurements (BP) in group of 157 Ph, (61 males (M) and 96 females (F), mean age 46±13). Results: Total cholesterol level (TC) <160 mg/dL was found in 11 Ph (7%), 160-199 mg/dL in 44 Ph (28%), 200-239 mg/dL in 57 Ph (36%), 240-280 mg/dL in 45 Ph (29%) and >280 mg/dL in 10 Ph (6%, 7 F). Mean value of TC to HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) ratio was 4.95±1.3. Mean RCE for the whole study group was 5%. RCE was less than 6% in 105 Ph (67%), RCE 6-10% in 32 Ph (20%), RCE 11-15% in 11 Ph (7%) and RCE >15% in 9 Ph (6%). 89 Ph (57%) checked TC in previous 2 years. Mean systolic BP (SBP) for the whole study group was: 125±16 mmHg and mean diastolic BP(DBP) was 82±9. 32 Ph (20%) had priorthe history of hypertension. In 14 Ph (44%) with the history of hypertension a single measurement of BP revealed SBP>140 mmHg and in 9 Ph with history of hypertension (28%) DBP>90 mmHg. Onlyin 12 Ph (38%) with the history of hypertension normal BP were values were found. In the whole group 19 Ph (12%) were active smokers: 12 Mand 7 F. Meanageof smokerswas39±12and non-smokers47±14. 44 Ph(28%) wereexer-cising regularly. Conclusions 1. The lipid profile of Ph cannot be considered as optimal. 2. The results of single blood pressure measurement among Ph deviate from a desirable model. 3. Coronary risk in group of Ph is comparable to that found in generał population.